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We advise medium-sized businesses & corporations on the development of innovative, digital products & services and jointly design digital transformation strategies.

We provide consulting services to develop digital innovations in a structured manner, to accompany them methodically and to bring them to implementation in a strategically efficient way.

Why companies struggle with innovation

Persistent corporate culture

Resistance to change from certain roles and rigid hierarchies inhibit the willingness to innovate in the long term.

Wrong product focus

Lack of focus on customer added value and false expectations in innovation processes.

Scarce resources

Limited financial resources, limited specialist employees and little time slow down innovation projects.

Innovation stagnation

Teams work together in an uncoordinated manner and adhere to established processes and methods.

Focus on security

Anxious hesitation before new ideas due to fear of failure or consequences.

Lack of innovation strategy

Unclear goals and a lack of framework conditions hinder targeted initiatives by individuals and therefore the company. In the short and long term.

Our business units

Digital Innovation

... is the development of new digital products, services and/or technologies that offer significant and unique (added) value to users or stakeholders.

Digital Transformation

... refers to the comprehensive change of: Business activities, -processes, competencies & models, to fully exploit the opportunities of digital technologies.

Corporate Venture Building

... is the logical consequence of digital innovation and digital transformation:

the conversion of ideas into integrative business models and/ or independent companies for faster market entry, product scaling & measurable success.

Know and tackle instead of guessing and selective initiatives



3 month

6+ month




Trends & Tech

Strategic Positioning



Operational Support



Start Exploring metaverse
shaping metaverse virtual reality

Know about your Strategy

Our offer at a glance:

Business Coaching

Artificial intelligence and machine learning


Virtual, Augmented,
Mixed Reallity

User Experience-
Product Design

Strategy & Design

Our technology building blocks:

Web 3.0

opens up completely new decentralized business models and offers previously unimagined opportunities for economic growth.



is revolutionizing cybersecurity by enabling secure, decentralized data exchange and fostering collaboration and co-creation.




enables real-time insights into enterprise data including its analysis. This reliably identifies problems or potentials and significantly minimizes business risks.



- consisting of AR, VR and MR - simplifies complex workflows and product representations through phygital worlds. This significantly increases the efficiency, productivity, communication and collaboration of employees.



help to identify potential problems already in the software & hardware planning phase. The result: higher project efficiency, more planning flexibility and increased product quality as well as simultaneous, significant cost reductions and shortened commissioning times.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Twins

Extented Reality (XR)


30% faster commissioning despite supply bottlenecks

"The consistent digitization of our plants is a real game changer that gives our company a measurable competitive advantage - especially in times of supply bottlenecks. For example, we have been able to reduce commissioning time by up to 30% for our customers.


This was made possible by the development of Digital Twin software for virtual commissioning. This valuable tool - combined with the powerful KinRig software for efficient plant automation - extremely increases the maturity of our PLC programs."

Jörg Thomas, CTO | KLOTZ GmbH


That's why the metavers!

As passionate innovation tacklers, we help medium-sized companies and corporations to develop digital products and solutions for tomorrow's markets today.
In contrast to many "lone wolves" or "hawker" providers, the metavers team always takes a well-founded and targeted approach: We identify and analyze the relevant fields of action, derive viable strategies and transfer them into implementation - the best prerequisites to ensure the entrepreneurial success of our customers for the future as well.

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metavers GmbH


Volkartstraße 50

80636 Munich


Gervinusstraße 17

60322 Frankfurt am Main



Robert-Bosch-Straße 1
89359 Kötz

+49 1511 9393717

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