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Our spectrum ranges from medium-sized companies to corporate groups.

Our team's hands-on technology experience

We have always focused on relevant, industry-neutral technology building blocks

metaverse technologiebausteine

That's why the metavers!

As passionate innovation tacklers, we help medium-sized companies and corporations to develop digital products and solutions for tomorrow's markets today. 

In contrast to many "lone wolves" or "hawker" providers, the metavers team always takes a well-founded and targeted approach: We identify and analyze the relevant fields of action, derive viable strategies and transfer them into implementation - the best prerequisites to ensure the entrepreneurial success of our customers for the future as well.

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metavers GmbH


Volkartstraße 50

80636 München


Gervinusstraße 17

60322 Frankfurt am Main



Krankenhausstraße 26
89312 Günzburg

+49 1511 9393717

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