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Strategy & Consulting

Starting point:

"For me, it's difficult to navigate the complex Metaverse landscape and create a successful strategy for our business."


  • Stay ahead of trends, anticipate developments, develop appropriate solutions

  • Promote employee and team development by questioning current processes

  • Efficiently implement innovation projects through collaboration to create new and sustainable revenue streams

Suitable for:

  • C-level, departments, cross-domain teams


  • 3 - 6+ months

Digital Products & Services

Digitale Produkte & Services mit AI, Web3 und Metverse

Starting point:

"We need an agile, customer-focused digital solutions provider to guide us through implementation in the areas of mixed reality, AI and metaverse, while ensuring seamless integration with my systems."



  • Comprehensive digital solutions, including mixed reality, augmented reality, metaverse, virtual worlds and Web 3.0

  • Customer-centric and agile approach that delivers customized solutions for maximum customer value

  • Seamless integration into existing enterprise architectures and drive digital transformation



Suitable for:

  • Cross domain teams, product & service teams


  • 5 - 90 days

Workshops & Events

Starting Position:

"I'm looking for a partner who can provide customized workshops and engaging in-house events to foster creativity, accelerate change, and build meaningful relationships with our clients and employees."




  • Foster creativity and innovation with dynamic workshops that challenge conventional thinking

  • Accelerate problem solving and procure strategic advantage in the digital landscape through rapid prototyping and constructive collaboration

  • Strengthen engagement and relationships inside and outside the organization through shared learning opportunities with internal events and digital meetings



Suitable for:

  • C-level, cross domain teams, product & service teams


  • 0.5 - 5 days

Workshops & Events
workshop des monats hands-on

Workshop of the month

„Hands-On Innovations“

  • Immerse yourself in the latest technological developments, explore them and experiment with them. The workshop will foster your innovation and creativity. 
Through hands-on engagement with cutting-edge technologies, you'll expand your technical knowledge and improve your ability to identify innovation opportunities across industries.

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: up to 12 persons

Price: 4.950 EUR


key notes & impkusvortrag

Starting position:

"I am looking for appealing impulse formats that open up new perspectives, thereby stimulating the spirit of innovation and teamwork, while at the same time enlivening the exchange of knowledge in the sense of a next-level culture."




  • Promote creativity and knowledge sharing through a variety of formats that encourage open discussion, networking and collaboration

  • Accelerate business growth and transformation by developing a team-oriented, innovation-driven culture

  • Optimize teamwork through a variety of online and offline formats geared to specific target groups



Suitable for:

  • C-level, departments & product teams


  • 0.5 - 2 hours

Which Metaverse package is best for your business?

Here is a selection from the successful cooperation with various customers

New Kid in Metaverse Block

Sweet Spot - Where is the added value for my company?


  • Strategic Derivations

  • Market & Trend Research

  • Qualitative expert interviews

Metaverse Practitioner

Low hanging-fruits - What do initial projects and successes look like?


  • Determination of relevant KPI

  • Team building (internal & external)

  • Community Transformation

Metaverse Professional

Productization - How do I expand my portfolio and scale in the metaverse?


  • Establishment across business units

  • Building strategic partnerships

  • New digital business models


  • Concept Development

  • NFT utility extension

  • Functional prototype development


  • Digital Twin Creation

  • NFT Collection Launch

  • Integration in Enterprise Architecture


  • Process and workflow optimization

  • Interoperability of the product portfolio

  • AI process automation


  • Kill your company - How can I as a start-up take market share from my company?

  • Web 3.0 Market & Use Case Overview


  • Set up company & team structure for metaverse scaling

  • Metaverse Design Sprint


  • Portfolio integration and extension of Metaverse components

  • Shape the future

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